Thursday, November 30, 2006

Don't be a wuss!

David DeAngelo is one of the greatest writers I have read on the subject of not being a wuss. While I usually try to phrase things in a more positive way, he drives home the important point that the biggest problem men have these days is their lack of being men - being a wuss.

I have posted two new article for you to learn from:

Ten most dangerous mistakes men make with women


A secret women know that men don't

Be sure to get his foundation book "Double your dating."

Cell Phone Dating?

Online dating is so last year. Now, if you're thinking romance, look to your mobile phone.
Match-making companies are creating new services that allow people to post their dating profile online and then automatically receive a text message on a GPS-enabled phone when a match is nearby, say, at a coffee shop around the corner

Read the rest here.

For more dating tip and resources see:

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How to create a safe and productive workplace

Many times it seems that the only way to create a safe workplace is to send every one home and close the doors. Potential hazards abound in all places where goods are produced and services are rendered.

Here are five simple steps for creating a safer and more productive work environment:

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fire Safety for Children

The Christmas time is a fantastic time of lights and decorations, with paper and candles and plenty of other combustible material laying around.

Don't let the unthinkable spoil your Christmas this year.

View this USFA fire prevention for babies and toddlers program and have a safe and happy holiday:

For more child safety tips see:

And for even more safety tips see:

Monday, November 27, 2006

How to Be a Super Kisser

How To Be A Super Kisser

What makes a kiss special?

The one near the end of Gone with the Wind is rated as the number one best movie kiss of all time. Even after seventy years, this timeless kiss is still the best.

What makes it so memorable.

Michelle penny gives five characteristics of a memorable kiss in her article posted here:

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Potty training is more popular than Sex?

I was just reviewing my article statistics on and I noticed that my article on How to Potty train your dog now has more views than my article on How to maintain sexual purity in your marriage.

My most popular article is now the one on The NP242 transfer case. Based on the emails and phone calls I am getting, I seem to now be THE expert on this transfer case.

My safety related articles as a whole are the most popular on my web site. The article that gets the most views on ezinearticles is

I understand that this article has been published in several newsletters even though few have followed through on my request to send me a copy of the finished newsletter.

Article publishing has been a fun way to attract free traffic to my web site.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Don't try this alone!

Another common point that all the guru's make is that you con;t increase abundance in your life by yourself. You need to work with someone who can guide you and hold you accountable.

I am now offering this service to a very limited few clients.

If you would like to see if we are a match for coaching see:

How to attract the money you need

I just listened to a great audio presentation by Bob Proctor on how to get the money you need to live a full and abundant life. He makes the same points that every other great teacher has made about money. you get what you give. In order to have the money you need, you must give an equal or greater value in goods or services in return.

Get the free audio at

To learn even more ways to change your attitude about money see

Find the link to download Christopher Westra's I Create Millions free sample chapters.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Safety cabinets

A place for everything and everything in its place. This is a vital step in creating a safer workplace.

Flammable liquids, compress gasses, acids and other reactive chemicals all need special safety storage cabinets to keep employees safe around them.

Read more here....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

EFT works for me

Yesterday I listened to a Taped conversation between Joe Vitale and Brad Yates. They were discussing how to use EFT to clear marketing and sales copy writing blocks. I have studied EFT before and have used it from time to time on things like sinus problems and headaches but I have never really tried to use it on performance issues.

The main EFT website is located here. There you can download a brief overview of what EFT is and how to locate the tapping points.

Last night I used EFT to help me write a new sales copy for the The words flowed easily after my session. Then today I have noticed a spike in sales already. i attribute this more to the EFT than to the new sales copy.

To understand what I mean by this go to Carol Tuttle's site and look for her money clearing demo. Click here.

Happy people may suffer fewer colds

Staying positive through the cold season could be your best defense against getting sick, new study findings suggest.
In an experiment that exposed healthy volunteers to a cold or flu virus, researchers found that people with a generally sunny disposition were less likely to fall ill.

Read more here...

For instructions on how to live a happier and healthier life click here...

Monday, November 13, 2006

XJ list Fall crawl in Harlan, Ky

This weekend I went to Harlan, Ky with the guys from the XJ list.

The complete story with pictures is posted at:

Friday, November 10, 2006

Internet Millionaire Formula

"Discover What It Really Takes To Succeed And Profit From Your Own Online Business And Find Out The Little Discussed Facts That People Ignore - Or Choose To Ignore - That Makes You Either An Internet Millionaire Or And Internet Failure!"

This package includes full resale rights to the package including a cut and paste web site that you can have up and ruining in no time at all.

Click here to Get Internet Millionaire Now

Thursday, November 09, 2006

New super easy way to make money on the internet.

Some exciting news for you today.I found a place where you can grab a complete online business for only... 2 cents!
If you are in a hurry, check this link to seeexactly what I'm talking about:

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You just personalize already created mini-site, upload it to you server and voila, you have a business.And George comes to help. For a limited time onlyhe runs a Dime Sale where he literally gives away highest quality products with complete Master Rights.

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Everybody gets a deal starting at 2 cents apiece! (Note last I looked the porce was up to $10 so hurry. Even at $10 it is a super fantastic deal.) Click the following link now to lock in your lowest price at:


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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More dating and Attraction articles

I posted some more articles on attraction and dating on my web site today.

There are a couple of new ones by Derik Vitalio.

I am hoping to save the world one wuss at a time. ;-)


Who else gets bombarded with these calls at all times of the day. The caller ID says TollFree Number 888-858-9823. They only let it ring about three times but it is really annoying. I never answer the phone unless I check the caller ID first.

I have googled the number and it seems to be from Bank One or Chase Bank. Possibly trying to sell a credit protection plan.

I have never answered the call, bu the ringing really bothers me at time. I am going to have to do some EFT to relieve the tension.

I found an interesting web site that allows you to report and share information on these mysterious phone calls.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Attraction - dealing with tests from women

As I have said many times before, women are attracted to men who know how to make decisions. They all want to be attached to the alpha male. Or at least they want to know that their man has the traits of an alpha male even if he is not the leader of their peer group.

I have posted a great article by Derek Vitalio on the attraction portion of my web site on what it means to be a dominant male without being domineering.

Read the article at

American Christian singles

American Christian singles face an interesting challenge in today's dating market. How can a Christian single compete for the attention of a desirable woman and still maintain his Christian values?

To read this article got to

Jeeps and off road performance

I love driving my various Jeep Cherokees on and off road.

I try to have one for every occasion. My daily driver is set up with a NP 242 Transfer case so I can have four wheel drive any time I need it. It is ready to go off road at a moments notice.

For on pavement adventures, we usually take Jeep Girl's XJ. Hers also has the 242 but is fitted with low rolling resistance street tires and still has all the nice stuff to make a road trip more pleasant. But we have no trouble engaging four wheel drive on the NP 242 and getting it muddy.

For more serious off road use I have built Scuffy - my lifted Jeep Cherokee with big off road tires.

For high speed off road rally racing I have the RallyJeep.

To learn more about my Jeeps or for tips on how to build your own Jeep or just advice on what truck accessories you might want see

There are also some reports on where to drive your Jeep in some of the Jeep trail reports.


One of my favorite areas of study is attraction. Not only the law of attraction or marketing attraction but sexual attraction between husbands and wives.

I enjoy working with couples to teach then to enjoy their marriage more. I think there would be more peace, harmony and prosperity in the world if people could learn to get along better with their spouses. It is almost a conspiracy that there is so much bad relationship advice being presented in the media today.

The primary focus of my relationship articles deals with advice to men. If men will step up and embrace their masculinity women will enjoy them more. And they can as King Solomon advised; "Enjoy the wife of their youth."

To learn more about how to be the man your wife wishes she married, see

Nursing Schools

If you are interested in learning to be a nurse, going to nursing school, or fulfilling your continuing education requirements as a registered nurse (RN), I have collected some resources for you.

When the Westvaco plant I worked at closed many of the former employees made a career change and went into nursing. Secretaries to maintenance men they all made good nurses after getting hater education.

I have collected some articles that will assist you in choosing a nursing school, possibly even an online nursing degree program.

I have collected information on ten of the top nursing schools in the US to aid in your search for just the right nurse school for you.

The entry page is

Workplace Safety resources

The main landing page for workplace safety resources is

This page has links to workplace safety training articles, health and safety information, OSHA training documents located within and a funny picture illustrating safe work practice.

On this page you will also find sponsored links to health and safety articles and workplace safety programs by various workplace safety vendors.

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As I post new article on the main site, I will announce them here. There will also be comments here that don;t really merit a whole page of their own on the main site.

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